As we approach RAG week in Galway City, where huge volumes of alcoholic drinks are consumed by students, we have put together a few of the facts and also a few tips to ensure you have a fun and safe night out. In 2007 Ireland recorded a whopping figure of €3.7 billion euro as the total figure for dealing with the misuse of alcohol in Ireland for that year. Almost 60% of all public order offences committed in Galway City are by someone under the influence of an intoxicant. Which results in a criminal record if convicted. Want to travel after college? It is a lot harder to get a visa to travel/study if you have a criminal record.

rag week in Galway

We have a few tips to stay safe and have a good night out:

Organise a means of transport to and from Galway town before departing Swuite

2 women hailing a cab

When you get a call to go to town for a few bevvies, organise your lift to town and your way home. Never walk alone. We would be happy to arrange a taxi for all residents on request. If taking a taxi take a picture of the driver’s licence or text the drivers licence number which should always be on display and send it to a friend. 

sample taxi ID card

Buddy system

We often hear of drinking buddies, we would encourage that you have a drinking buddy so that ye can stay together throughout the night and go home together. Get to know your neighbours here at Swuite. Create a timeline with your friends, ‘I am in the Quays’, ‘going to Supermacs now’, ‘in Supermacs’, ‘heading home now’, ‘in taxi’, ‘I am back at Swuite.’ We at Swuite Galway and Swuite Dublin are here to assist residents 24/7.

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stay together

Never leave your drink unattended

To avoid anything being put in your drink unknown to yourself, never leave your drink unattended, always look in the glass before you take a drink, cover glass or bottle with your hand. If you feel unwell, say it to someone so they can get help.

drink safety
spiked drink

Avoid late night takeaways

After the clubs close, we all love a takeaway, but the reality is a lot of anti-social behaviour begins in or outside late-night takeaways. We at Swuite would advise all our residents if they are going to a takeaway late at night to not go alone, get your food and get it to go and eat it when you get back to your student accommodation in Swuite Galway. Alternatively, you could order food via Just eat, Whatsfordinner, Deliveroo. These have some late-night delivery options which all deliver to Swuite in Bohermore.

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When you get back to Swuite

When you arrive back to your accommodation in Swuite Galway you should hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, drink plenty of water. Alcohol dehydrates the body which leaves you ‘dry’ the following morning resulting in a dreaded hangover. We have a vending machine in reception with snacks and drinks to help cure your hangover.

hangover guy
hangover girl