Moving out of your family home into your own place in student accommodation is often one of the most exciting, but also sometimes, the scariest part of going to university. When choosing a potential university and degree, it is equally important to research what student accommodation is on offer too since there are so many things to consider when choosing the right place to live. Specially if you are moving abroad or don’t know the city yet.

Most students stay for the academic year which is approx. 9 months, and for a lot of people, it will be the first time they’re living away from home. This experience can be challenging but will also teach you a lot of valuable life skills such as budgeting, cooking, and generally learning how to manage adult life.
When preparing for university life, new students can often be faced with lots of important decisions to make…once you’ve picked where you want to study, the next big question on your list is: “Where am I going to live?”
To help you in this decision we’ve put together some top tips to consider when choosing your student accommodation:

1) Look in advance

We can tell by our business that usually most accommodations get occupied four to eight weeks prior to the semester orientation date. We suggest to start looking for accommodation options once you receive an acceptance letter from your desired university, so you don’t miss out on your preferred option. Be organised and proactively reach out to student accommodation developments to register interest. Don’t forget that competition can be high and there are plenty of students also looking for places to live. Be prepared to go for viewings, virtual tours and don’t hesitate to ask for more information if you need to, so you can ensure you make the correct choice.

2) Select the area (location)

Is location everything? For 86% of the interviewed students on a recent research yes! It’s important to think about the convenience of your accommodation. A location close to the university will be beneficial and help you save time. When you are within walking distance to the campus facilities, local shops or city centre. It is beneficial to see what public transport services are available from the accommodation to the university.

3) Set your budget

You will certainly find different options and prices available. You must look beyond the price, get to the bottom of what is and isn’t included, and what facilities are available. By that we mean, looking at the benefits of these developments, such as all-inclusive bills, city-centre locations which save on transport costs and close proximity to gyms, shops and parking.
Before deciding on any accommodation, make sure to check what it is included in the rent amount.

  • All bills included in rent (water, heating, electricity)
  • RTB registration
  • TV & TV Licence
  • 24/7 reception
  • Self-contained units
  • Study room
  • Games area
  • Tv room
  • Coin operated laundry facilities
  • Free parking
  • Bike storage

This is also a way of reducing stress as you know exactly what you need to pay each term. Knowing that you are free to focus on settling in, meeting new friends and studying.

Remember that all those factors can have a huge impact on your overall university experience, so it’s very important you choose what’s right for you.
We operate as student accommodation from September to May providing comfortable, private and secure student living for domestic and international students.
We are proud to offer a safe and sound place to live, with rent inclusive of all bills and staff at reception to help you 24/7. Swuite Galway is close to both colleges, the city centre and most of Galway’s facilities to make your experience even better.
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