Add some Swuite-ness to your Swuite!

By Swuite Student Olivia Hanna

One of the best parts about living at Swuite is that the rooms are super modern and clean! It makes the perfect blank slate for adding some of your own finishing touches and making your room feel like home. Swuite doesn’t allow for anything to be put up on the walls or candles, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for personalisation.

One of the best ways to add colour and expression to your room is with bedding. A fun duvet, bright pillowcases and accent pillows are a really quick way to liven up the room. After all, the bed is the focal point.

Next to my bed I have a bright bit of cloth I got in Mexico which adds character to the small space. You can easily use a small blanket or even a scarf to create this effect. I also have a tapestry that I hung over the wardrobe door. No tape, nails, or hooks required!

Swuite also provides you with a pin board above your desk which is a great space for organising class notes, but I’ve also added a little calendar page, photos of my late dog, a doodle, and whatever else I can fit. I also added a bouquet of cheap flowers to my desk which cheers me up! I also have a light box next to my bed that I can customise. Letter-boards are also a great option for adding inspirational quotes or inside jokes to make you smile.


The bathroom and kitchen spaces can be tricky to add personal touches to, but I simply bought a bath mat that I love and super cute dish towels. They’re simple things, but I think it takes the space from generic to uniquely yours!

To dodge the candle ban I got an essential diffuser which can be found at a variety of price points either in stores or online. Mine is the Ellia by HoMedics, it’s a little pricier, but again it adds a lot of character to the room. I have a lot of different oils to add to it so I don’t miss burning candles that much! My favourite blend lately has been lemongrass, lavender and rosemary. It smells so fresh and clean.

Last but not least, a small area rug is also a nice touch to make the space a little cosier.

A lot of what I have is from Penneys and TKMaxx, and luckily for those at Swuite in Galway both are right down the road! Each store has cute and affordable options so you don’t have to sacrifice your style for your budget.

As an international student making my room feel like home is really important since I’m here seven days a week. It would be sad if I didn’t love where I was living, but at Swuite I feel at home!