Yes it’s Father’s Day Weekend!!! Have you sorted out your amazing gift yet? Unfortunately Dads often get forgotten, but this year we have you sorted! Our motto is #keepitSWUITE, and that’s why we have put together a #SWUITEdeal in our fabulous apart-hotel, along with a list of the top things to do in Galway with that great guy in your life! All you have to do is book a room, copy and paste the rest of this blog and whatsapp or email it to your Dad! We even signed it with your love! Your gift can be bought and sent in under 5 minutes! Phone (091 753781) us or email us ( Quote ‘#keepitSWUITE on Father’s Day’ and grab a 10% discount for your Dad’s gift or on any room you book! Just a thank you for reading and sharing! 

Copy, paste, and email this part to the gift bearer! 

Hey Dad, Happy Father’s Day!

For Father’s Day this year I got you a trip to Galway; you are staying at the new, luxurious and practical SWUITE aparthotel in the heart of Galway City and I have your whole weekend planned out for you! You are going to have a blast! 

Day 1.

First things first – Breakfast!

Of course if your wanted to, you can bring your own eggs and cook in your room, which brilliant right?!?! That’s because you are staying in an apart-hotel. But as it’s a treat…maybe you should go out for breakfast! You deserve it after all. There are so many options for coffee in Galway – but I’m going to pick just one – Cafe Express, Eyre Square. Just a 10min walk from SWUITE and you’re at the front door! Take a seat outside and watch the world go by! What’s great about cafe express is not just the great coffee & breakfast; It’s the location! You are right in the heart of the city and ready for a day of exploring! Simple and straight forward – just as Dad likes it, right?

So the next thing we are going to do, is a spot of shopping; next door to the cafe is Logues shoe shop, and across the road is Hanleys Menswear. Though there are many great places to shop in Galway, these are some of the best. You can have breakfast and shopping finished by mid morning if you play your cards right! Leaving you the rest of your time to soak up the cities atmosphere! #keepitSWUITE and swift for Dad! It’s your day afterall!  

How about a trip to a fancy Barber???

Dad, how often do you get treated to a hot towel shave, beard trim or a trendy hair do? You’ll probably never admit to it, and you may need coaxing in the door, but once you get inside of CUT THROAT BARBERS you won’t want to leave! Not until you look fully groomed want to show off! These guys will even offer you a beer instead of a coffee, just what you deserve! 

Head back to SWUITE for dinner at home while getting ready for a night on the town! Hell yeah!!!

Order from Deliveroo Galway options, and get your food right to your door!  You can even microwave leftovers when you get home!! Apart-hotels are definitely the way forward! They have a 24-hour reception so your food wont get cold waiting for you!

Eat, then stick the leftovers in the fridge and hit the town; do me proud – paint it red!!!

DAY 2.

Breakfast day 2 – #keepitSWUITE 

Go back to Cafe Express, you know where it is and the waiter Oscar is Lovely! Ask him about Brazil! Now we’re going to get cultural….

GALWAY WALKING TOURS  are a great way to see the city! Brian is the local guy who loves absolutely nothing more than bringing tourists around the wonderful city, and telling wonderful stories and events, that have etched their mark on the city and its people. Brian is such craic – he’s exactly what you need to forget about the 9-5, and learn some of the lesser known facts of the city. Look I know you may not be a ‘tourist’ per se … but check it out! And if you prefer food I have a superb alternative GALWAY FOOD TOURS.

If your hungry and not in the form for a tour? How about Sashimi (raw fish) or Sushi (not raw fish) for Lunch? Let’s go global this trip! 

So a real nugget of information that not many Galwegians even know is that the Japanese restaurant Kappa-ya is hailed as one of the best  in Ireland by the Ambassador of Japan. Well if he loves it, it must be amazing right?! I recently found out that on a Saturday the chef selects the best of Gannet Fish Mongers from the Galway Market and turns it into sashimi. It’s on a first come first serve basis, so once it’s gone it’s gone!  So if you are looking for something really special, you’re welcome Dad! Need something even more special? Treat yourself to a bottle of SAKE! Lunch until 4 and dinner from 7. If Pizza and pints sounds good, a well known secret is that you can get your Pizza Napoli slice and bring it across the railings to Tigh Neachtains; perfect to enjoy with a cool dark pint of Guinness, or whatever your tipple! Stay sound – clean up after yourself and the well known secret should continue!  

Night on the Town… or at just one junction? The Latin Quarter will not disappoint!   

How do you pick the best places to drink in Galway City when there are oh so many? I picked just one junction and took the photo from three angles to show you how close they all are! Where Tigh Coli meets Taaffes and The Kings Head. There are always homegrown Galway buskers along with incredible live music, both modern and traditional, just inside the pubs. You can sit inside and get lost in the music or sit outside and watch the city hustle. From here you can do a pub crawl throughout the Latin Quarter where each place is better than the next and the craic is absolutely electric!

Have an amazing time Dad! 

Love from me!